Kwout: Quoting With Image Maps…

Kwout is a web service that allows you to quote a portion of a web site as an image and or image map. For example I used Kwout to grab a portion of the Lewis Elementary web site. When you invoke Kwout (either from their web page, or from a bookmarklet…) a medium sized screen shot is taken of the page you are quoting. You can then click and drag the cursor to highlight the section of the page you want to quote. Once you have grabbed your selection you are then taken to a page where you are presented with a number of display options. Copy the associated code and you can then paste the Kwout image map into any web page. You also have the option of posting the image on Flickr or Tumblr. Posting to Tumblr let’s you continue to utilize the image map capibilities, but on Flickr, you can only post a static image.

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