Twitter as an Archive...

Today at Lewis Elementary we had the Portland Opera visit to perform The Elixar of Love for our students. This is the second year that Portland Opera has visited our school. If you are in the Portland area, I highly recommend booking them for a school visit. They do an outstanding job.

Normally when we have groups such as Portland Opera visit our school I try to capture a few photos to share with our community. Today I had a medical appointment and was not able to attend the performance. In years past we might not of had any images to share, but this year, with many of our staff publishing to Twitter, that was not the case. 

As I sat in the waiting room for my appointment, I was able to pull up our Lewis Twitter feed list and was very happy to see several posts from our teachers of the event. 

This got me thinking about Twitter and how via lists, we are able to compile and share the work of all of our teachers in one place. In this way, we are creating an archive of the work taking place in our classrooms. I look forward to watching this evolve as we move through the this school year and beyond.