Ms. Brenan's Photography Project...

Ms. Brenan’s mixed age 1st and 2nd grade students have been using tablet computers, specifically the Nexus 7, in a 1:1 program this year. One aspect of our tablet use that we are focusing on is having students use them for creative endeavors that allow them to take advantage of tools such as the built in camera.

Working with our Media Specialist, Cyndi Redmond, and our Garden Coordinator, Kathleen Witter, Ms. Brenan created a photography unit that allowed students to learn a bit about the history of photography, and also develop some aesthetics around the capturing of still images.

Ms. Brenan, an avid photographer, started by sharing her collection of vintage cameras with her students. She discussed the film photography process and students had the opportunity to explore the mechanics of these cameras and gain an understanding for how they worked. Next, she and Ms. Redmond introduced the tablet camera application to the students and after some practice in class, turned them loose in our garden area to capture images. The students then were able to chose one of their images to be printed.

Ms. Brenan had prints made of each student's image. The smaller images were framed and students were able to take them home. The larger images were also framed and will be on display, and available for purchase, at First Cup Coffeehouse on Woodstock in Southeast Portland starting on January 4, 2016.