Weekly Audio Update from Lewis Elementary School

I had the opportunity to meet Bill Carozza (@wcarozza) at the IntegratED PDX conference that was held in Portland in February. Bill is the principal of Harold Martin School in Hopkinton, NH, and has a great social media presence on the web. I attended his session, Social Media for School Leaders and one of the things I came away with was to try his idea of a weekly podcast highlighting events and activities taking place at my school. He uses the podcasting service AudioBoo to record his weekly posts and then publishes them to his school site. AudioBoo has an iOS app that makes this process very easy. You can also record the audio separately and then upload the file to the AudioBoo service.

So with a nod to Bill, I have started to do this for my school. In addition to the short weekly updates, I also hope to do some long form podcasting. Bill does a great job of highlighting his staff and the work they are doing and I hope to do something similar with the folks at Lewis Elementary. Below is my most recent audio post.