Dancing in the Gym

Oregonians are a pretty hardy lot when it comes to rain, but every once in a while we have to call an inside recess. When that happens our some of our students have the option of going to the gym. There are PE teacher, Ms. Layman, has several activities set up for them including one that involves an iPad running YouTube, a Chromecast a data projector. With this setup she projects dance videos on the wall and the kids get to take part as the did today dancing to the Gummi Bear song. Click the image above to take a look.  

Cafeteria Workers: Annual Beavers vs. Ducks cookie survey.

Lunch duty

Annual Beavers vs. Ducks cookie survey:
Each year before the Oregon State vs. Oregon football game, our school district Nutrition Services department provides a cookie treat as part of lunch before the big game. Students are offered a choice between an orange OSU cookie, or a yellow University of Oregon cookie. This year, our informal survey concluded that Duck fans edged our Beaver fans by just a few crumbs.

Audio Postcard: October 27, 2013

A semi weekly audio update on news and events taking place at Lewis Elementary School in Portland, Oregon.

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"It’s important to note that none of this is about the technology. It’s all about providing teachers and students access to the resources that are taken for granted everywhere else in the modern world but in our classrooms. It’s about preparing districts for the 21st Century and Common Core. It’s about building schools and school cultures where students want to learn. It’s about empowering teachers through technology to become better teachers. It’s about preparing kids for their unknown futures and districts for the unknown challenges yet to come."

Cabinet or bust! by Andrew Schwab @anotherschwab

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Run for the Arts

We had a great day for our annual Run for the Arts. This is our major arts fundraising event, helping us to raise money to bring artists to our school. Our students did an outstanding job today with the run. I would also like to acknowledge the work of our PE teacher, Ms. Layman and our parent volunteers who worked to make the event possible.

Lewis Depave Project Update

On Saturday, September 14, 2013 we started the first phase of our project to remove approximately 1800 square feet of pavement on our playground in order to create space for a rain garden. The rain garden will create green space for plants and habitat of insects and bird, while also providing a space for rain water that runs off of our playground. Currently this rain water is running off into a sewer drain, and when we get heavy rains, a small lake forms.


This past week a crew came to excavate the area where the pavement was removed. Next new soil will be brought in and then on October 12, 2013 we will plant our rain garden.