Special Section of NY Times Circuits: Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi Boom Today's New York Times has several articles on Wi-Fi. One highlights how different types of users are taking advantage of Wi-Fi connectivity to transform their workplaces. Several examples involved people who now make Starbucks their branch office. Sounds familiar... :-) Of particular interest was the experience of a high school in the Seattle area. Every student has a laptop with Wi-Fi. Students utilize applications such as instant messaging to share files, and keep in contact. Cell phone use is down, parents message their children to arrange things such as afterschool pickups.

"There's a lot of instant messaging going on," said Diane Burgess, 39, the school's information technology manager. Ms. Burgess said classes were no longer disrupted by cellphones, parents message their children to arrange pickup times, and students regularly share files for collaborative projects. "Wi-Fi lets them do group work from anywhere on campus," Ms. Burgess said. "It's a really freeing experience."