PDABuzz.com - Monday, December 23

PDABuzz.com - Monday,December 23 2002
Handspring and TechSoup are teaming up to bring an unbeatable offer to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. Staff, board members, and volunteers of 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations can receive a Treo 180 for free when they sign up for a T-Mobile Internet (GPRS) service plan and mail in a $150 rebate.TechSoup, a free nonprofit Web site created by CompuMentor empowers nonprofits to succeed in the Digital Age by providing timely and targeted technology information and resources. TechSoup provides other nonprofits with the tech know-how they need to more efficiently and effectively achieve their missions. Through its online technology store DiscounTech, TechSoup also offers access to affordable tech products and services just for nonprofits. TechSoup partners with high-level tech organizations such as CNET and with other leading nonprofits such as NPower.