Publishing at Buckman...

Helen Nolen's Principal Weblog at Buckman School Have had a lot of movement these past few weeks at Buckman.

We have updated Movable Type to version 2.63. In addition I finally figured out how to get ImageMagick to work with OS X and now teachers can easily upload images and create thumbnails. Movable Type does this very easily as long as ImageMagick is installed.

The principal has started to keep a weblog that is linked off the school web page. She is becoming familiar with the technology and likes the ability to easily post information. Now we are working on an outreach program to let her families know she is publishing... Tonight we presented to the PTA group.

Several teachers have come on board and are working to put up images and words about their classroom work. In particular Lynne Leake and her intern Kathryn Hillesland are utilizing Moveable Type to not only publish a classroom weblog, but also are creating a seperate weblog devoted to student work. This site is highlighted on the main classroom page via an RSS plugin.

Barbara Lüscher is using a similar technique to embedd the RSS feed of her homework weblog on her main classroom weblog.

More work to do to enable photo galleries and other tools, but it has been a good week.