Jon Udell: High-tech PR in the age of blogs

RSS holds the promise of becoming a key part of a company's media relations strategy and execution. [PR Tactics: Using RSS for corporate communications]

In short, I don't want you to pitch things to me. And I don't want your clients to pitch things to me either, at least not directly. I do, very much, want them to speak in their own authentic voices, about the technologies and products and services that inspire their passion, to everyone who might have a reason to care. I want your clients to explain what they do, how they think, and why their efforts matter. And so, of course -- and more importantly -- do current and prospective customers. [Jon's Radio]

Part of a series of pieces of how weblogs can be used to share information with customers. A good example of this is how Macromedia allowed several of their community mangager create weblogs associated with their product line.

The firm needed a way to quickly respond to questions developers might have as they use the new products... [Wired]

As Jon Udell mentions I don't want brochures and press releases, I want to hear the people who develop products and services talk about them and share their passion and knowledge. Same goes for the classroom too...