6 Articles From The Feature highlighting Mobile Computing and Education

TheFeature :: It's Education Week
The feature has six articles dealing with mobile technology and education. Two are highlighted below...

Learning with the Simputer details the development and use of a small handheld computer that is being developed in India. The Simputer is XML based and running Linux. Will sell for about $190.

The Simputer project was founded four years ago with the purpose of providing low-cost, portable computing and connectivity to poor and illiterate people who are currently untouched by personal computing, cell phones and other existing mechanisms.


Teaching in the Wireless Cloud, discusses the changes/disruptions that are taking place in higher education with the advent of wireless technology.

The most controversial instance of m-learning occurs in the traditional classroom, when students gain access to wireless connectivity. Some professors report frustration at students' wandering attention, as Minesweeper or instant messages become more attractive than a lecture.

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