Oregon Writing Project...

Oregon Writing Project While visiting a school today I saw the flyer for the upcoming Oregon Writing Project summer session at the University of Oregon -- TEACHING WRITING IN THE INTERNET ERA... Love the title... The work of folks like Joe Luft, Pat Delaney, Will Richardson, Al Delgado and others gives one an idea of what can be accomplished with the introduction of technology into the writing process.

Earlier this week Joe Luft pointed to an article in the Washington Post about student use of technology for writing... Click by Click, Teens Polish Writing (washingtonpost.com)

They write more than any generation has since the days when telephone calls were rare and the mailman rounded more than once a day.

While making the obligitory nod to those who fear that we are raising a generation of students who will submit their term papers via their phones... it was for the most part positive.

I watch my daughters IM and email with friends and think, boy it might be a pretty good time to be an English teacher... if it just wasn't such a bad time to be in education... :-)