Munich Moves to OpenSource

Seblogging: Dynamic Webpublishing, CMS and Weblogs in Education : by Sebastian Fiedler Today Sebastian Fiedler points to a Guardian article about the Munich municipal government's move from Microsoft to OpenSource software. The interesting thing here is that we are not only talking about server environments, but desktop software.

This past February I had the opportunity to visit with educators in Munich and Dillingen and it was interesting to hear several of the IT folks I talked with express resentment at the high cost of licensing Microsoft software.

The K-12 Linux Terminal Server Project is one solution that looks very promising for education. Portland has set this up in several middle school labs. The best implementation of this I have seen is Riverdale High School. A diskless workstation with a powerful office suite, web browsing and a graphical desktop environment that is easy to learn.

We hope to have a few 5th grade classrooms set up with this this coming fall.