More About Advance Template Building with TypePad

TypePad Education Weblog Portal: TypePad as Template Builder for MT Sites Al Delgado asked for more information about template exporting from TypePad to Movable Type. The Typepad help section explains this pretty well... Note: I believe access to the help area is limited to Typepad members... Also note that it is available to those that have purchased a TypePad Pro account.

Q: What are Advanced Template Sets?

A: Advanced Template Sets are templates that can be customized through direct editing of HTML, CSS and TypePad template tags. Advanced Template Sets are created when existing template sets built by the TypePad Template Builder are converted. Only TypePad Pro users have access to Advanced Template Sets.

There also an entry that gives step by step instructions for creating advanced template sets. Again, I believe access to TypePad help section entries is limited to TypePad members...