NYTimes Magazine: Remote Possibilities

Remote Possibilities

No, today's phones are about having a cyborglike connection to every aspect of your network. It's like having an extra limb. Your phone collects your e-mail from work; it zaps tiny text messages to friends far or near. It captures exquisitely embarrassing pictures from drunken office parties. It feeds your cat. The mobile phone has become, in essence, a remote control for life. ''We call it 'the device formerly known as the cellphone,'''

Interesting article on the evolution of the cell phone. I'm finding my Nokia 3650 to be very useful. I can sync contacts and calendars from my laptop via Bluetooth. Also when in a pinch can use it as a modem to connect my laptop to the web. The image quality on the camera leaves a bit to be desired, but the ability to snap a picture and transfer it to the web, or send it by email is kind of fun.