EdBlogger SF-03

From the SFUSD press release about EdBlogger SF-03

Galileo staff and students, U.C. Berkeley Bay Area Writing Project, KCSOS Web Team, and teachers from kindergarten through university levels from across the country.

This event will be taking place over the weekend at Galileo Academy of Science and Technology. I'll be taking part in this, and will be working with several others to facilitate the second roundtable, Blogging in the classroom, lab, library and school

This should be an interesting gathering. An opportunity to reconnect with some folks I have already met, and others whose work I have been following through their weblogs.

From the small world department. I got an email yesterday from a Portland colleague (who has not been following any of the weblogs in education conversations) whose mother has been raving about her school's new librarian. Turns out her mom works at Galileo, and the said librarian is EdBlogger SF-03 organizer Pat Delaney.