Tis the Season: Walmart sale of $30 DVD players causes stampede

Ok, so $30 is a really good price for a DVD/VCR combination player, but is it worth nearly crushing another human being to death just to get one? Apparently so:A stampede of shoppers left a woman seriously hurt this morning. She was trampled by a crowd of bargain hunters at a Central Florida Walmart. 41-year-old Patricia Vanlester is at Halifax Medical Center tonight. Family members say she came to Walmart to buy an advertised DVD, but what she got was a trip to the hospital...When the store finally opened, shoppers grabbed for the item. People started fighting for the DVD player and pushed Vanlester to the ground. "I screamed and said stop don't step on her," Ellzey says. "My sister is on the ground but no one would listen." Walmart employees rushed to Vanlester. She was knocked unconscious. She was airlifted to Halifax Medical Center.Read... [Gizmodo]