School Communities Will Usually Get the Websites They Deserve

To paraphrase Phil Windley: school communities will usually get the websites they deserve.

[Tuttle SVC]

Tom Hoffman responds to Will's post about his frustration with publishing approval issues that are getting in the way of having more teachers publish at Will's high school.

My district has purchased a content management system that promised this kind of work flow, but in reality doesn't deliver it. (It also doesn't work very well with anything but Internet Explorer 6, but that is another story... ) Their idea was that the principal, or the principal's designee would sit as some sort of managing editor. Not exactly the best way to get people sharing information in a timely manner

I never understood how school districts can trust a teacher with a classroom full of six year olds, but not trust them to use good judgment when posting homework, field trip notices, or hamster birth announcements on a classroom web site.