Mobile Usability...


Christian Lindholm, father of the Series 60 interface, has made an abstract of his book, "Mobile Usability: How Nokia Changed the Face of the Mobile Phone" available for WAP download to your Series 60 handset as an interactive Maxdox app (JAR file). Rather a nice format, actually, and certainly worth a gander if you're interested either in the book itself (I've already read it) or one possible face of mobile documents to come.

Mobilewhack points to an abstract of Christian Lindholm's book "Mobile Usability: How Nokia Changed the Face of the Mobile Phone" The abstract is available as a download for Series 60 phones. I just installed it on my Nokia 3650. It is formated for my phone. Is interesting to think of having content like this available for phones. I am more and more using my Nokia 3650 as a PDA. I already sync my address book and calendar to it. With the installation of the Opera browser, viewing web pages is now an option. I've started pulling off content from my school district web site and saving it to my phone. I can now pull up schedules and memos and such for viewing on my phone when away from my computer. The one thing holding me back was the way that AT&T Wireless charges for data. Can get pretty expensive pretty quickly... Last week I read how to connect my 3650 to my laptop (Share2Blue2th 2.0 )via Bluetooth and utilize the laptop connection to pull web content on to my Nokia 3650 via Opera. Now I can pull the content for later reference without worrying about AT&T data charges.