Professors Blogging at Stanford

The Stanford Daily Online Edition

Increasingly more Stanford professors are using "Weblogging", more popularly known as "blogging", in their classrooms. Traditionally used for online social networking — people write diary entries and others reply — blogging is now being used so that students can post messages and participate in discussions.

Ann Davis points to this article and I find it timely. Yesterday I started my Technology Across the Curriculum class at Pacific Univeristy. It is a 2 credit class for students working on their teaching certificate. As I did last term, I am using Moveable Type for a class weblog. The syllabus, assignments and such are posted there, along with other posts that might be of interest to the students. Next session students will begin to use a MT weblog to post assignments and respond to readings. Am going to attempt to teach them about Trackback.... We spent a good part of yesterday's session learning some of the finer points of weblog use. I'll post more on this later...