Resistance is Futile

We've known these changes were coming down the pike for a while, but a little advance warning about the actual changeover would have been helpful.

We managed to get them to keep the old connection open for the time being, and after some confusion caused by the power cord falling out of a switch, we're still on line, but this is really just the first step in being assimilated into the borg.

[Tuttle SVC]

I laughed when I read Tom's post tonight. Today our CTO (I think that means Chief Technology Officer...) came to visit Lewis. Was worried a bit about the visit. Was afraid he would notice all those iMacs we updated to OS X. Turns out he had some interesting ideas to share. One thing he wants to do is create a sandbox environment segmented off the main admin network, for teachers and students to work in. (Am thinking of things like Plone, student blogs, web based assessment databases and such...) I have always felt it necessary for schools to have a bit of freedom to explore uses of technology that go beyond just record keeping. From what he said today, it looks like he thinks the same. I refrained from sharing our web site. Will do that next time I meet with him...