Stanescu Family...

Lewis Elementary School: Letter to the Lewis Community Concerning The Stanescu Family I have hesitated to write about this but after talking with Tom Hoffman, I decided to go ahead and let people who might stumble on this weblog know about a tragedy that hit the Lewis School community this past weekend.

On Friday, July 16 five members of the Stanescu family were killed in an automobile accident in Northern California. Lewis parents, George and Daniela Stanescu along with 3 of their daughters, Jessica, Tabitha and Miriam were killed in the accident. 3 other Stanescu children were injured in the accident with Ema still in critical condition and on life support. Ema and her there sisters were all students at my school, Lewis Elementary. As you can imagine this a very sorrowful time for our community.

A fund has been set up to help support the surviving Stanescu children. Anyone wishing to donate may send checks to the Stanescu Family Fund, c/o Wells Fargo Bank, 12005 S.E. Division St., Portland, OR 97266.