Going wireless

By the end of next week all seven of our elementary schools will be completely wireless campuses. This project is part of our district one-to-one computing pilot project that I mentioned previously. Creating a wireless campus presents all sorts of... [The Savvy Technologist]

Tim Wilson discusses his district's effort to provide students and teachers with access to laptops on a one to one basis. Quite an ambitious initiative. It should be fun to watch.

This week at my school, Lewis Elementary, we are installing wireless access points that should basically produce a wireless cloud that will cover the entire building. This, in addition to the purchase of SmartBoards, laptops and dataprojectors for 7 of our 11 classrooms, installation of an X Serve, our upgrades of all our iMacs to OS X 10.3.5, and the redesign of our computer lab, should provide a good foundation for some interesting work with technology this year.

In a couple of weeks our teachers report back and we will have a few inservice sessions to help them get started with the technology.

The wireless cloud in the building will be great for me. I anticipate being able to spend a lot more time in classrooms, but at the same time be connected to the office. Our school secretary and I are already connected via iChat. Having access to district email, and all the tools I have come to rely on, while not having them tied to a desk, will allow for more observing and participation in classrooms.