Flickr: Photo Sharing and Community Building

Flickr: Photo Sharing and Community Building: "Flickr is a photo sharing and photo community site that delivers on the promise of building community around images. At its most basic level, Flickr allows people to upload images, describe them, and then allow others to discuss them. Throw in a bunch of features such as slide shows, notes, RSS/Atom feeds, groups, tags and weblog integration tools, and you have one of the best community building tools found on the web.

Over at Ed-Tech Insider I've added a post about Flickr, the photo sharing and community site. I'm finding Flickr to be a great tool with some interesting applications in the K - 12 world. Also it is a great way to keep up with family and friends. My daughter posts images from her graphic arts projects and I have nieces and nephews sharing images. Recently Tom Hoffman traveled to London and posted images from his trip.