Flickr and RSS Feeds

I'm playing around with RSS feeds from Flickr. Just about anything you have in Flickr can generate an RSS feed... Comments, tagged images... it is a pretty powerful feature... The link below leads to a display of the images I have tagged in Flickr with the term kids. I also use the tool to display my links on the right sidebar of this page and utilize it quite a bit on the Lewis Elementary site. To display the RSS feed I am using a tool developed by Alan Levine called Feed to JavaScript. It is web based tool that allows you to paste in the url of an RSS feed and generate a JavaScript that can then be added to your web page or to a weblog post, and the items in that RSS feed will automatically flow into your page everytime it is loaded. Kind of an automatic update. Alan allows folks to utilize the tool from his server at Maricopa Community College in Arizona, or you can grab the code and run it from your own server.

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