Vibrant Cities Find One Thing Missing: Children

Vibrant Cities Find One Thing Missing: Children: "As cities are remodeled to match the tastes of people living well, they are struggling to hold on to enough children."

(Via New York Times.)

Today's New York Times has an article that strikes home. It details the decrease in enrollment in Portland schools while at the same time the city thrives with new construction and gentrified neighborhoods. Through a series of demographic and budget issues, Portland will be cutting over 300 teaching positions. While the demographic issues discussed in the article are a contributing factor, the main problem is the level of funding for schools in Oregon stays flat or decreases. In addition a 5 year local operating levy expires this year, and the school board has decided not to ask for an extension at this time. The result is school closures and staffing cuts... Lewis Elementary will have to deal with a cut of roughly one and a quarter teachers...