We Can Fund Armstrong Williams, But Can't Fund ENC?

A View from the Classroom -- Lehmann's Log: Losing A Wonderful ResourceChris Lehmann points to an article that points out that the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC) for math and science education has losts it funding and is moving from being a resouce provided to teachers by the Department of Education to a paid subscription service. Starting in the fall, school districts will have to pay $329 a year to subscribe to the service.

The ENC has been a very successful resource for teachers. It is a shame that we can't find the funding to keep this resource freely available to teachers and administrators.

Update: Tom Hoffman points to this information and asks all the right questions... He's right... The Feds (that's you and me) bought and paid for the content... Why now do the folks who were paid to write the content get to make a service out of it. I understand they are planning on adding additional content, but what about all the stuff they wrote while being paid by the Department of Education? Just throw it all up on Wikipedia or some other type endeavor and let it be free... Good job Tom!