NYTimes Multimedia: Kaifeng-on-the-Hudson


"Nicholas D. Kristof says the Big Apple could go the way Kaifeng, China, if the U.S. doesn't make some bold changes."

Today, The New York Times has a multimedia piece (Flash Movie) from Nicholas D. Kristof discussing the furture of New York and comparing it to Kaifeng, a city in central China that in the year 1000 would of been considered the New York City of its day. He looks at its decline and wonders about the future of New York.

It is an interesting piece, but I am writing about it because of how it is constructed. It's total length is about 4.5 minutes. It combines, still pictures, voice over narration, video, and text to explain his thesis. If you search the Times, you will find that Kristof does one of these pieces about every eight weeks. I'm wondering how he shoots the video. Who does the editing and such, and how involved he is in the production of the pieces.