Amassing a Treasury of Photography - New York Times

Amassing a Treasury of Photography - New York Times:

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The New York Times reports on a project by the George Eastman House and the International Center of Photography to be completed in the fall of 2006 that will be largest freely accessible databases of masterwork photography anywhere on the Web. A prototype site is up at

The creators say the goal is to organize the site so that works can be found not only by the name of the photographer but also in many other ways. For example, a Hine picture of an Italian immigrant couple could be found under the headings of "immigration," or "Italian-Americans" or "Ellis Island" or "urban photography" or under the headings of exhibitions where the photograph has been shown through the years.

Sounds a bit like tagging. Would be interesting if they built ino their web tool the ability for users to tag images or at least take advantage of tags on places such as Technorati. Would be interesting to do things like Flickr Related Tag Browser with the images from the archive, or other such archives.

If you haven't seen the Flickr Related Tag Browser , it allows you to search for images on Flickr with a specific tag. The results are returned and displayed and related tags are aligned in a circle around display. Click on a related tag to see images associated with that tag. Another cool web application from the folks at Airtight Interactive, creators of such things as the Flickr PostCard Viewer.

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Flickr Related Tag Browser

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