Geotagging Flickr with Google Maps and Greasemonkey

I have written about Greasemonkey, the Firefox browser extension that allows for the incorporation of user end scripts that modify or reformat web content. These scripts get installed on the user machine and can do everything from showing the availability at your local library of a book being browsed at Amazon, to striping out posts from specific authors at sites such as BoingBoing. The key thing to remember is that these scripts allow the end user to determine how content comes to them.

Screenshot 02-2Over at Excellatronic Communication, they have made available several Greasemonkey scripts for geotagging images in Flickr. Once installed, these scripts add a geotag link to individual Flickr photo pages. Click on the Add Geo Tag link and a search field appears where you can type in the location where the picture was taken. Enter your search criteria and hit submit and you will be taken to a Google Map of that location where you can navigate to the exact spot where the image was taken. Double click on the spot and you can then take advantage of the tools that allow you to geotag the image in flickr or fly to the image using Google Earth.

Once you have found your location, the script also gives you the option of adding a Geotagged link to your photo discription that will send the user to a Google Map at Geobloggers with the image noted by a marker.

By adding this Greasemonkey script, you get a very easy interface for geotagging images...

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