'Folksonomy' Carries Classifieds Beyond SWF and 'For Sale'

'Folksonomy' Carries Classifieds Beyond SWF and 'For Sale':
Today's New York Times has an article discussing folksonomy and specifically tools such as del.icio.us. I find del.icio.us to be a great tool for many of the topics mentioned in the column, but best of all I use it for the preparation of presentations. I tag sites that I'm going to share during the presentation with a common tag, then load them up in Firefox using their live bookmark feature. You can even tell Firefox to load all the links in the live bookmark in tabs. This is especially useful when you are on a bad connection, which I found myself on this week during a presentation. By preloading the sites, I was able to at least show the folks what I was talking about without having to have the page load oh so slowly...

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