BubbleShare: A Very Interesting Photo Sharing Tool

BubbleShare is a social networking photo sharing tool that has a number of interesting features. One is that it does not require registration. You can immediately add photographs via a web interface, or an iPhoto plugin, without registration. Once you have uploaded your photographs you receive two email messages from BubbleShare. One email contains the public link to your gallery. You can send this link to friends so they can view your pictures. Another email is sent with a link to an adminstrative interface where you can access a number of features including text captioning and audio captioning. Right from the web page you can record 30 second audio captions for each photograph (click the speaker icon for each image and you can hear me drone on...) You can also add the gallery to your weblog by copying a bit of code and pasting it into your blog editor. Each gallery also has an RSS feed, and a separate RSS feed for comments. You can choose to keep your gallery private, or add it to the Bubbleshare community. A pretty impressive tool... Am thinking that this might be a nice way for teachers to share images from a classroom without posting them to a school web site. Lots of interesting possibilities.
Note: I was having trouble recording audio in Safari, but everything worked well in Firefox...

Via Eportfolio Journeys and Om Malik

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