Scuttle: Open Source Social Bookmarking Tool

Screenshot 04-12Scuttle is an Open Source tool for creating and sharing web bookmarks. It is similar to and supports the API. The great thing about Scuttle is that you can download the source and run the application on your own server. Today my friend, Dick McPartland, came by and installed the necessary software and we now have Scuttle running locally at Lewis Elementary

This means that we can provide our students with a social bookmarking tool, running locally in our building. Several teachers have asked for a tool similar to I wanted to set up Scuttle so that students did not have to create a login on a remote system. As they work on projects and research they will be able to organize their sources using Scuttle.

I think this will present some interesting opportunities for both students and teachers, since the bookmarking will be in the open and easily accessed/shared by others. I anticipate teachers learning of many valuable resources by watching the RSS feed of the most recently bookmarked sites. I plan to add the RSS feed to both our student and staff pages to make these resources even more transparent. This should be fun...

Update: Todd Slater comments about ScuttlEDU... He has added additional fields to the registration process so that a teacher's name and grade level can automatically become tags when you post a page. A great idea, and a great example of how an Open Source tool can be expanded on by others.

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