Portland Schools in Google Earth

Screenshot 05-7

This morning I visited the National Center for Education Statistics' Build a Table page. This is a web tool that allows you to build a table of data from various reports and download it in tab delimited or Excel format. (This is a very nice feature and I wish that the student information system that my school district purchased had this basic functionality... but that's for another post.)

I used the tool to create a listing of schools within my school district. I then dumped the data into Batchgeocoder and created a KML file that displays the location of each Portland school in Google Earth along with the phone number and street address. Am wondering if there is a KML to Google Maps conversion tool out there. Would like to be able to display this information in Google Maps off of a link on my school web site. Parents and staff are sometimes looking for the location of various schools and programs and this would be a nice feature to add to our site.


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