Tom Hoffman: Outsourcing Your IT 2.0

Outsourcing Your IT 2.0:
Tom Hoffman discusses the recent announcement of "Gmail for your domain." Tom makes some good points about why this might look attractive to some school districts, if not their IT departments. He also points out another issue that I was getting at. The abysmal user experience on most school district systems.

He is concerned about adwords and such and so am I. It would be nice if Google would allow a district to use the Adword technology to push educational related links based on the content of the mail. For example when reading an email that mentions your term paper topic, the sidebar would not be full of ads, but rather links to resources. Well we can wish right... I mean if they can get rid of these images in the Chinese version of Google, they can certainly make sure the links that show up in a kids mail message are appropriate.

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