Jeff Utecht's Professional Development...

Jeff Utecht writes about getting his weekly recommended dose of professional development. In the post listed above, he has listed his work for the week. His listing and a comment left by a teacher got me thinking that maybe I should start tagging my posts, and my readings in NetNewsWire to keep track of my own development. The teacher also is concerned about state regulations and such and making sure the bean counters know how many minutes of professional development you received. In most states re-certification depends on getting the minutes documented.

This also got me thinking of the value of getting together with folks in the profession and having the opportunity to talk and learn from one another. My recent opportunity to attend IL-TCE provided me with a chance to talk with David Jakes and Will Richardson about technology, and some of the issues, challenges and opportunities that social software brings to the classroom. What I talked about with these folks, and with participants at the conference is something that is really hard to count up in minutes, but is so very valuable to my work.

Jeff suggests that reflective weblog posts might be something that we could build into our professional development requirements. I think that is a great idea.

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