GarageBand and Podcasting...

John Blake has a nice post about using the new GarageBand with his students. He indicates that his students like the new features including the sound loops and the ability to add images for enhanced podcasts. At Lewis we too have been playing with this and are finding the podcasting features to be very nice. The ability to capture an iChat conversation is very slick. One additional feature is that we can utilize Bonjour (Apple's implementation of Zero Config networking) within our network to connect and record audio sessions.

One thing we are working on is using iChat to record a radio play. The actors will all be connected via iChat locally in the lab on separate machines, and will recite their lines while the teacher machine is connected and recording the session in GarageBand. Each participant in the iChat session is recorded as a separate track, so editing will be simplified. Kind of a poor man's mixing board. This is really nicely implemented in GarageBand. The more we play with this program, the more we are impressed..

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