Google Earth maps of avian flu spread

Screenshot 01-35Google Earth maps of avian flu spread:
Declan Butler, a writer for the journal Nature, has created a Google Earth file that charts the outbreak of avian flu. The map is updated weekly and can be linked to in Google Earth as a network link, which will automatically update itself with new versions when you reload it on your computer. This is a nice feature of Google Earth, rather than having to download a new copy of the file, Google Earth pulls the file from the web.

Butler also posts about the latest issue of Nature that looks at the future of computing. 2020 - Future of Computing focuses on... "what will the relationship between computing and science bring us over the next 15 years?" It is part of a series of reports sponsored by Microsoft Research called 2020 Science. I found the article about sensor webs ( 2020 Computing: Everything Everywhere )to be very interesting. Soon we will be able to track just about everything we can think of tracking. The question is what do we do with all that data?

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