Google Map Maker

Richard Stephenson has created a very nice little tool, Google Map Maker, for generating Google Maps. The interface is very simple to use and you can easily add placemarks to a map, add popup content, and generate the code, all from a single page.

Simple Google map

//This is Lewis Elementary School in Portland, Oregon.

'); newpoints[1] = new Array(-122.62810707092285, 45.467715593442186, icon0, 'Duniway School', '

Duniway Elementary

'); newpoints[2] = new Array(-122.63308525085449, 45.491005861793404, icon0, 'Grout School', '

Grout Elementary School

'); newpoints[3] = new Array(-122.65325546264648, 45.47704489284104, icon0, 'Llewellyn School', '

Llewellyn School

'); newpoints[4] = new Array(-122.65033721923828, 45.46193667227493, icon0, 'Sellwood Middle School', '

Sellwood Middle School


for(var i = 0; i

div#popup { background:#EFEFEF; border:1px solid #999999; margin:0px; padding:7px; width:270px; }

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