Frederick G. Kilgour, Innovative Librarian, Dies at 92 - New York Times:

Frederick G. Kilgour, a distinguished librarian who nearly 40 years ago transformed a consortium of Ohio libraries into what is now the largest library cooperative in the world, making the catalogs of thousands of libraries around the globe instantly accessible to far-flung patrons, died on Monday in Chapel Hill, N.C. He was 92.

Starting later this month, the database will be available to anyone with an Internet connection. Known as WorldCat (, it includes the catalogs of many of the finest libraries in the world, among them the New York Public Library, the Brooklyn Public Library and those of Harvard, Columbia and Yale. By entering a ZIP code, people will be able to identify nearby libraries that own copies of the books, videotapes, CD’s and other materials they seek.

Last week, Mr. Kilgour passed away. The information above is from his New York Times obituary.

As Miguel points out today, the database Mr. Kilgour started many years ago, Worldcat, is now publicly available on the web. Worldcat is the largest library network in the world. You can search for books, music, videos, articles and much more using the Worldcat database. The Worldcat site also includes several toolbar extensions that can help with searching along with a page that describes how to construct web links that tap into the Worldcat catalog.

For example the links described below would take me to the entry for Will Richardson's book:

Book: Blogs, wikis, podcasts, and other powerful web tools for classrooms

By adding geographical limiting information to the link I can limit the results to a certain zip code or state

Book: Blogs, wikis, podcasts, and other powerful web tools for classrooms

You can also access Worldcat from within Google and Yahoo.

On these sites: Include either of the following with your search terms:

Google - * "find in a library" (include phrasing quote marks)
Yahoo! - * (no space after colon)

Miguel mentioned that librarians would be excited about this. I think everyone should be...


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