More WordPress: Feed Director Plugin

The problem with moving to another weblog platform is that anyone who has subscribed to your previous site needs to figure out you have changed platforms and then needs to re-subscribe using the new feed address. While the domain is the same, the RSS files produced by WordPress named differently than those produced by Moveable Type. For example in my old Moveable Type installation, the following RSS files were produced: ...atom.xml ...index.xml ...index.rdf

WordPress produces files dynamically and the following addresses return RSS feeds:

So when I made the move anyone who had subscribed from my old site would not know I had switched platforms. To solve this type of problem Ryan Boren wrote the Feed Director plugin for WordPress. The plugin rewrites rules for common feed filenames used by other blogging platforms. Files such as index.xml, index.rdf, rss.xml, rss2.xml, atom.xml, *.xml are directed to the appropriate WordPress handler so that folks pointing to my old feed address get the new feed content.

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