Chipin: Fundraising Widget for Your Web Site

I've been following Beth Kanter's posts about Chipin, a fundraising web widget that allows you to collect money for a particular event or cause from your web site. For example I set up the Chipin widget below to help our 4th and 5th grade students raise money for their science camp trip that will take place next spring. I have embedded the widget on the sidebar of this weblog and also on the sidebar of the Lewis Elementary page.

The Chipin FAQ page has answers to questions dealing with security, privacy and such. They have a nice interface for creating custom widgets in various sizes and color schemes. Their admin tools allow me to track contributors and easily generate a list for thank you messages and such.

Each year at Lewis, our students and teachers work very hard to raise the funds for these camp experiences and we hope that this service will help us make it easy for family and friends to contribute to this effort. If you feel inclined to help our students, please consider making a contribution to our camp fund.

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