Flickr Upgrades Pro Accounts to Unlimited

Flickr recently announced they have upped the previous limits on uploads to unlimited. Basically for $24.95 a year you can get the following:

  • Unlimited uploads
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited photosets
  • Permanent archiving of high-resolution original images
  • The ability to replace a photo
  • Ad-free browsing and sharing

They have also made changes to the Free Account:

  • 100 MB monthly upload limit
  • 3 photosets
  • Photostream views limited to the 200 most recent images
  • Only smaller (resized) images acessible (though the originals saved in case you upgrade later)

One feature I would like to see, and I thought was coming, was uploading of video clips to Flickr. I would like to have one place to store video along with my pictures. Maybe with the new PRO features they are getting ready for this?

Google's Picasa recently announced this, but it currently only works with their PC updater. The Mac and Linux tools do not yet have this functionality.

I've been playing around with uploading video using Google Video. The process works well, but if Flickr did this I wouldn't bother using two services. I've got quite a community formed with Flickr, so even though Picasa has recently added a lot of features found in Flickr, I'm not going anywhere, but I do wish they would add video uploads as a feature.

Speaking of Flickr, I just learned that by adding date-taken-calendar/ to the end of your photostream URL ( you can view your images within a calendar grid. Kind a nice way to look back as 2006 comes to an end...

Screenshot 02-34

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