Flickr Plugins for WordPress

I've been playing around with a couple of Flickr centric plugins for Wordpress. Falbum and Flickr Photo Album both allow you to pull in images from your Flickr account and display them on your site. When I say display, it is not just a little badge, but rather individual photos along with associated tags, comments and in the case of Flickr Photo Album, even notes.

For example on my site in the I have added links to my images using both tools. The Recent Flickr Images link pulls up my Flickr photostream using Falbum. The Photo Albums link pulls my Flickr photostream using Flickr Photo Album. Both do a nice job of pulling in your images and displaying them. The images are cached on your site and the initial look is from your site, not Flickr's. This may be of use to teachers who want to utilize Flickr for storage and sharing purposes, but worry about letting kids loose on Flickr, or if Flickr is blocked. Flickr Photo Album, while only pulling your albums, does do more incorporating Flickr ID images into their comment display, also bringing in photo notes.

You can see a few examples below:

  • Left: Falbum screenshot
  • Right: Flickr Photo Album

200612270740 . 200612270747

One other nice feather of Flickr Photo Album is that it allows you to easily add images from Flickr to your blog posts. Clicking on an image allows you to choose a size and then the necessary html is added to your post. You can also search for images by tag from within the posting interface.


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