Drupal Weblogs For Students...

This week with the help of Steve Burt, and with some suggestions from Bill Fitzgerald, I finally got Drupal installed and running as a student blog/writing engine. We basically set up a private Drupal space and using the UserPlus module created accounts for each 4th and 5th grade student. I then worked with each of our 4th and 5th grade classrooms and introduced the system to them and showed them how to login. We are also using Gallery as an image archive tool and Drupal has a module that allows you to incorporate the Gallery images into Drupal. There is also a plugin for iPhoto that makes it very easy to add images to our Gallery archive. I need to look around a bit and figure out how to set it up so that students can easily click on an image and incorporate it into a post. The next step is to set up teachers with RSS readers so they can easily track student work and read and respond.


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