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I have often found myself wading through the voicemail on my mobile phone and wishing I could visually see a list of the messages and listen to them in a non linear fashion. The Apple iPhone will have this feature, but now through a free service called CallWave, you can accomplish the same thing with your mobile phone.

CallWave is a service that allows you to hear and respond to your mobile phone messages in your email. The free service sends a copy of your mobile phone message to your email, allowing you to:

  • Sort and prioritize messages from your email in-box - viewing caller names and message lengths in the subject line.
  • Listen and respond to messages instantly with powerful text reply and call back features.
  • Be notified of new messages via detailed SMS alerts on your handset.
  • Permanently save your messages on your computer.

I've been looking for something like this. Basically all your voicemail now comes to your email account. You can still access voicemail from your phone, but now also get a detailed email message indicating who called, the length of the message, and the option of listening to the message from your mail. You also have the option to call back the number that left the voice message. The service will call your mobile phone and connect you to the number that left the message. If the call came from a mobile phone, you also have the option to send a text message to the caller.

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