Outdoor Classroom at Lewis

Outdoor Classroom Pad Prep Last spring we started to create an outdoor classroom space at Lewis. We got as far as the structure itself, but still needed to pour a concrete pad and also finish the roof. This spring we were awarded a grant to install an eco roof/green roof on the structure and plan to do so later this spring. This left the pouring of the pad which we anticipated would cost about $800 when all was said and done. Finding the $800 was proving to be a problem, that is until last Thursday. It turns out that Lakeshore Entertainment is in Portland filming a movie titled Untraceable. One of their sets is in the Lewis neighborhood and they needed a place for cast and crew to park their cars while filming this week. Since this week is spring break in Portland, it worked out that they could use our parking lot, and in return they have made a donation to the school that will cover the cost of the concrete and pumper truck. I have rounded up a few of our parents who know how to pour and finish concrete, so this afternoon we will finish framing the pad, and tomorrow afternoon the concrete truck is scheduled to show up around 3:00 and we will pour the pad.