More Jaiku

Jaiku Jaiku: Over the weekend I played around a bit more with Jaiku, the presence monitoring tool similar to Twitter, but with quite a few more features. One nice aspect is that you can combine Twitter like updates with other types of data such as your Flickr photostream, RSS feeds and even your Twitter posts. So with Jaiku, you can combine elements of your online presence into a single stream. This also generates an RSS feed, so you can easily combine the elements of your online presence and share it with others. They have an API and already have Quicksilver hooks. I've added an RSS Feed of my Jaiku stream to the sidebar. I'm having a bit of trouble getting it to display (it could be theme relates, not sure...) so have also used the old standby Feed2JS and also threw that in the sidebar too. Joi Ito has a post that explains the differences between the two tools pretty well. Another interesting take on Jaiku comes from Ton.