Posting to Wordpress from Quicksilver

Testing of posting to Wordpress via Quicksilver on Mac OS X. Planning to set up a private WP blog for taking notes of staff and student interactions at school... screenshot_02 Update: Looks like it works. Am using Quicksilver along with the QSPresstitle script . Lifehacker has a good series of posts about Quicksilver and how folks use it as a productivity tool. For example to illustrate this post I wanted to grab a screenshot of the Quicksilver interface, and place it into Flickr so I could include it in this post. Using the application SanpNDrag, I was able to grab the image to the left and place it on the clipboard, then I invoked QuickSilver, pasted the clipboard contents into the Quicksilver window, tabbed over and invoked the Flickr upload command and the image was uploaded to my Flickr account. I have Wordpress set up so that my Flickr photos are easily accessible via the Wordpress editing window.