Playing in Alan Levine's Sandbox: Twittercamp, attendr and NECC...

Alan Levine has a great post about how he has created and borrowed several tools for use at the upcoming NMC conference. Taking a lead from the Future of Education conference folks, he is using a web tool called attendr. This is a mash up for a (un)conference, gathering, meeting, class, party... that provides the following:

  • Map-based view of all the attendees
  • People-meeting facilitator - mark the people you'd like to meet, see who wants to meet you
  • Visualization of the attendees' connections
  • Tag-based people matchup
  • Visualize the tags on the map

It takes advantage of API's from Flickr, Technorati, Yahoo Geocoder, and Google Maps to throw together a tool that allows attendees to follow conference happenings and facilitate meeting face to face. This should be fun to play with at NECC later this month in Atlanta. I went ahead and created an attendr page for the NECC pre-conference Edubloggercon that is taking place on June 23, 2007. If you want to play along you can go to and add yourself to the list of attendees.

Alan has also customized Daniel Dura's Twittercamp for use at the NMC conference. This is something I want to see happen at NECC. As Alan points out, it is pretty easy to customize the interface of Twittercamp to match an event. I threw together a version of Twittercamp with a bit of the NECC look and feel and went ahead and registered a Twitter user called NECC. Once in Atlanta, I would love to see a large screen display hooked up where folks can point Twitter posts to @NECC and they will show up on the display. Kind of an interactive bulletin board for all those meet me at the such and such entrance messages.


NECC will be the first opportunity for me to attend a conference and utilize tools like Twitter or Jaiku. I'm looking forward to playing around with both of them and also with attendr. To facilitate this, I went on the EduBloggerCon wiki and added a page where folks can add their Twitter or Jaiku usernames.


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