Quiet around here...

I haven't been adding much to my weblog lately. Mainly I've been busy at work getting ready for the new school year. One project I've been working on is a redesign of our staff bulletin weblog. I'm moving it to Wordpress from Drupal mainly because it really is more of a weblog site than a school wide CMS, and because of the wide variety of plugins and 3rd party tools available for Wordpress. Our public web site remains a Drupal site.

I've also been using Zoho Creator to make several web based databases that I plan to use with my staff and community this year. These will be databases to track staff requests (custodial, technology, supplies...) and also databases to keep track student data. Zoho has a very intuative form creation tool that makes it easy to create these databases and share them with staff.

We are also using Netvibes to create student and staff resource pages that will serve as home pages when students and staff log into the web. I'm also using Netvibes to create a dashboard page for myself where I will be able to easily track much of the information that is generated by the Zoho forms.

Teachers officially report next week and students begin school on September 5. Lots to do before then. In the meantime, see ya on Twitter.

Lewis Staff Bulletin

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